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Abrasive Saws for Cutting Titanium

Our Savage Saws product line provides abrasive saws for cutting titanium products – with shapes such as round, oval, square, rectangle, special shapes, or gang cutting of bundles.

The Plate Gantry Saw is Thermatool Corp’s solution for companies needing abrasive saws for cutting Titanium Stainless Steel, Specialty Alloys, or Nickel Alloys in a high production environment using both dry and wet abrasive cutting techniques. The plate gantry saw will precision cut up to a 12” (300 mm) thick plate by 144” (3650 mm) long. This process is fully automated and only requires the operator to enter in the cutting requirements. The Savage Plate Gantry Saw series utilizes the proven and innovative “stitch cut” process which eliminates blade pinch during cutting. These saws have the capability to cut for both wet and dry applications with precise cut length tolerances.

The Savage Super Saw delivers a combination of speed and precision for cutting nickel based alloys, tool steel, stainless steel and titanium bars for precision weight forging molts, ESR and VAR end trimming, lab samples and many other applications. This Series will precision cut up to a 18” (450 mm) diameter billet or 16”sq (400 mm) bar, with the saw cut having a machine like finish with ±.002” per vertical inch squareness and ±.005 length tolerance, and do all this in less than 200 seconds for a 18” (450 mm) diameter piece, which is at least 10 times faster than the best band saw available today.

Savage Saws, designed and manufactured by Thermatool Corp., are world-class industrial saws ranging from 5 to 500 HP with an emphasis on quality, value, and performance. Savage Saws complete line of saws include stationary rotating abrasive cut-offs, multiple blade cut-offs, Plate Saws, and metallurgical sample saws – in hot or cold and in wet or dry conditions.

A unique combination of speed, accuracy, and advanced automation enable Savage Saws to excel in lean manufacturing processes. The Savage Saw product line was developed with the fundamental requirements — combining high speed and accuracy in one long-lasting, reliable machine, affording process efficiency, safety, and profitability. Since developing the pioneering oscillating abrasive blade, the Savage Saw product line has earned its worldwide reputation for innovation, excellence, and product reliability. Today there are over 2,000 Savage Saws installations worldwide.

Savage Saws cutting machines are designed to combine low vibration with high rigidity to ensure longevity while cutting the world’s most difficult alloys. Engineered material handling equipment is also available upon sight review by Thermatool Corp.’s technical staff.