Global Steel and Tubing Producer Invests in 3 More Thermatool HCT HF Welders Across North America - Thermatool Corp.

Global Steel and Tubing Producer Invests in 3 More Thermatool HCT HF Welders Across North America

One international steel and tubing producer has been fostering a culture of innovation and a competitive advantage since 1976.  Understanding their position in the industry – delivering products that are made more efficiently using the most advanced processes – they have been investing in Thermatool Solid State High Frequency (HF) Welding equipment for over three decades.  Most recently, this company installed three HAZControl™ Technology (HCT) High-Frequency Solid State Welders across North America – installing a machine at their Canada, United States, and Mexico locations in 2022. The addition of these three HCT HF Welders gives this tube and pipe producer the advanced process control they have relied upon with a significant number of HCT welders already in operation in many of their existing tube making facilities. Whether producing state of the art automotive tubing, specialized tubing, or hollow structural sections, they depend on the reliability, electrical efficiency, and process stability delivered by Thermatool Solid State HF Welders.

This investment across North America will help them achieve their goal to decrease CO2 emissions intensity by 25% by 2030 on a global scale – and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. The new HCT HF Welders help support these goals by increasing their productivity and reducing electrical energy use.

“Our goal is to continue to build the smartest facility that produces strong and sustainable steel products. Steels made using efficient processes, use less energy, and substantially less carbon emissions. Advanced technology has a critical role in this transformation, and that is why we chose and continue to choose Thermatool to meet our progressive advances,” the company said. “Operators and process engineers can rely on Thermatool HF welding recipes run by the patented HAZControl™ Technology HF Welder,” stated Chris Murray, Senior Regional Sales Manager for Thermatool. “Thermatool is committed to this company – and all of our customers – to help them maximize their tube quality and yield profitability for the life of the equipment. We are strategically positioned around the world to support their many global tube and pipe mills.”