Regiopytsa Expands Production with the Addition of a Thermatool CFI HF Welder & Alpha Mach 2 Flying Shear Cutoff - Thermatool Corp.

Regiopytsa Expands Production with the Addition of a Thermatool CFI HF Welder & Alpha Mach 2 Flying Shear Cutoff

Regiopytsa, one of the leading structural and mechanical tube producers in North America, has invested in Thermatool equipment once again. For over 30 years, Regiopytsa has been supporting an expanding customer base. With the long-standing performance of Thermatool welders and Alpha cutoffs operating throughout their organization, Regiopytsa has selected Thermatool to provide another welder and cutoff for their new mill project.

The Thermatool CFI High Frequency Welder will deliver high electrical efficiency, reduced scrap, and maximized production yields for Regiopytsa – utilizing the most reliable solid-state tube and pipe welder on the market today. Thermatool equipment can help mill operators take advantage of precisely controlled power (kW) and a stable welding frequency (kHz), even with changes in the weld area set up, tube OD, wall thickness, and impeder material. The CFI HF Welder provides unmatched speed and power matching and control during mill starts and stops and throughout each mill run. Alongside the Thermatool HF Welder, the Alpha Flying Shear Cutoff enables Regiopytsa to achieve the fastest cutting speeds, close tolerance cut-lengths, and longer blade life. Long shear blade life is the mark of a precision Alpha dieset, making Alpha Flying Shears the most reliable and accurate cutoff made for in-line tube cutting available today.

“At Regiopytsa, we dedicate ourselves to giving our customers the best quality product that will always meet their requirements. We are committed to producing high-quality tube and pipe with the purpose of generating value for our customers. We do this by continuously improving our processes and investing in equipment that is solid and reliable,” said Gerardo Luevano, General Director at Regiopytsa. “We are glad to have partnered with Thermatool once again. This purchase will allow us to expand our business and support our customers for years to come.”

“With the addition of these two machines on a brand-new line, we are thrilled to see Regiopytsa continuously improving their process and expanding their business.” stated Cesar Tejeida, Vice President of Sales for Thermatool Products in Mexico. “Thermatool is committed to Regiopytsa – and all of our customers – to help them maximize their production and profitability for the life of the equipment.”

Alpha Mach 2 Flying Shear Cutoff