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Vyska Steel Works Selects Technology from Thermatool to Expand Production

OMK, one of the world’s top producers of Oil Country Tubular Goods, has contracted with Thermatool Corp. for the delivery of two High Power, High Frequency Welders along with 12 Post Weld Heat Treatment Seam Annealers with the Advanced Smart Anneal Control Platform. The Thermatool equipment has been shipped to Vyska Steel Works, a unit of OMK, and is scheduled to be commissioned later this year. Vyska Steel Works is the largest manufacturer of steel welded pipes in Russia.

The Casing, Line Pipe and Tubing Mills that will go online at Vyska will produce up to 7” and 10” pipe using both Induction and Contact Welding with Dual capability. The 7” mill consists of a 1000 kW HAZControl™ Technology HF Welder and 2000 kW of Seam Annealing induction power employing Seam Tracking and the latest in Advanced Yield output software. Both mills will also employ Thermatool 250 kW End Weld Annealers. The 10” mill is equipped with Thermatool’s proven High Power/High Frequency 1400 kW HAZControl™ Technology Welder (with a dual setup for welding in either contact or induction mode), along with 3200 kW of Post Weld Heat Treatment.

Thermatool’s unique HAZControl™ Technology will allow Vyska to create weld characteristics through recipe creation using Power, Frequency, Vee Length and Mill Speed for specification requirements for consistent, repeatable, efficient production runs. Developing databases of production parameters for a variety of steel chemistries and final specifications helps the producer to ensure maximum mill output while reducing scrap percentages.

OMK supplies some of the highest profile pipe projects in the world, including the Nord Stream network between Russia and Germany, the longest gas export route in the world; and the Power of Siberia, a 4,000 km gas pipeline between Siberia and China that’s currently under construction. OMK will be relying on the consistency and proven performance of Thermatool products to produce pipe that will meet the quality demands of the globe’s most complex petroleum and gas projects. Thermatool is the only worldwide induction heating and HF welding manufacturer that specializes in tube and pipe welders with over 60 years of experience. OMK has chosen that expertise to keep its production running smoothly. Thermatool installation specialists will be working closely with Vyska Steel Works personnel to ensure a timely commissioning of the mills.

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