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Super Saw

The Super Saw, which is part of the Savage Saw product line, is Thermatool’s solution for companies looking to cut nickel based alloys, tool steel, stainless steel and titanium bars for precision weight forging molts, ERS and VAR end trimming, lab samples and many other applications. This Series will precision cut up to a 18” (450mm) diameter billet or 16”sq (400mm) bar, with the saw cut having a machine like finish with ±.002” per vertical inch squareness and ±.005 length tolerance, and do all this in less than 200 seconds for a 18” (450mm) dia piece, which is at least 50 times faster than the best band saw available today. This Series robust design allows it to handle any kind of workload possible, minimizing downtime for maintenance and maximizing productivity. Updated controls with touch screen input make these saws very easy to operate, only requiring the operator to enter material diameter, cut length and to start the auto-cycle. The process is automatically controlled allowing for ‘Operator Free’ cutting. Hot billet sawing and coolant options are offered along with several material handling choices like part stamping, weighing, loading and unloading. Whether you are looking for a complete sawing solution with material handling or just a saw to speed up your cutting process let Savage Saws solve these problems for you.


Thermatool Corp.

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  • Cut nickel based alloys, tool steel, stainless steel and titanium bars.
  • Precision cut up to a 18” (450 mm) diameter billet or 16” sq (400 mm) bar.
  • At least ten times faster than the best band saw available on the market today.
  • Automatic feed control and variable blade speed.
  • Includes updated controls with touch screen input for easy operation.
  • Designed with rigidity to ensure the efficient use of high horsepower.
  • Equipped with oscillation to improve cut quality, reduce cut time and increase blade life.


  • Fully automated part positioning system
  • Blade change fixture
  • Material handling
  • Bar loader
    • Loading and off-loading table
    • Hydraulically driven pusher (material feed)
    • Infeed/outfeed conveyor
    • Weighing station
    • Crop reject unit

Tech Specs

Model SG-1200 SG-1300 SG-1500 (Hot)
Horsepower 200Hp (148Kw) 300Hp (222Kw) 500Hp (372Kw)
Capacity – Rounds 16” Dia  (400mm) 18” Dia (450mm) 18” Dia (450mm)
Capacity– Squares 12” sq  (300mm) 16” sq (400mm) 18” sq (450mm)
Blade Diameter 48” (1220mm) 54” (1370mm) 54” (1370mm)
Rate of Cut 1 in2/sec 1 in2/sec 1 in2/sec
Spindle Speed 6000-10000 SFPM 6000-15000 SFPM 14000-22000 SFPM
Coolant Yes Yes No
Oscillation Variable Speed Variable Speed Variable Speed