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ThermaView Real-time Diagnostics for Thermatool® HF Welders

ThermaView is a diagnostic software designed to give mill operators and engineers a real-time graphics display of weld process parameters including welder kW output, weld frequency and impedance matching. Also a powerful preventative maintenance tool, ThermaView provides easy-to-use troubleshooting indicators.

By displaying operational and historical trending for a set of weld parameters, ThermaView can also provide an early warning of those conditions that could result in a system shutdown if not quickly corrected.

In the event there is a fault, its location will be displayed on the welder diagnostic screen where the operator can then access a screen showing real-time PLC analog input and digital input/output values. Help screens describe the nature of the fault, its possible cause, and more importantly, the recommended corrective action.

ThermaView can now be remotely accessed via a suitable ethernet connection making real-time remote diagnostics a reality. Remote access also facilitates 24/7 welder performance monitoring for Statistical Process Control (SPC) applications.

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  • Welding parameters logged and saved with the date and time so you can reference those exact settings to troubleshoot issues or maintain consistent quality.
  • 24/7 welder performance monitoring for Statistical Process Control (SPC) applications.
  • Powerful, preventative maintenance diagnostics with easy-to-use troubleshooting indicators.