Applications for High Frequency Welding - Thermatool Corporation


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Automotive Industry

Thermatool provides equipment necessary in the manufacture of numerous automotive components including but not limited to exhaust tubing, automotive frames, bumpers, brake lines, steering wheels and seat frames.

Oil Country Tubular Goods

Thermatool offers induction heating and quenching equipment for tubular finishing services on API® Grade Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG). API® is a registered trademark owned by the American Petroleum Institute.

Aerospace Industry

Thermatool offers state of the art cutting systems for the production and testing of alloy steels utilized in the aerospace industry

Abrasive Saws for Cutting Titanium

We offer our line of Savage Saws which provide cutting for titanium products – with shapes such as round, oval, square, rectangle, special shapes, or gang cutting of bundles.

Fire Safety/Electrical Conduit Industry

Thermatool manufactures ultra high speed cutting and welding equipment for the high volume sprinkler and electrical conduit industries

Construction Industries Utilizing Hollow Structural Sections (HSS)

Thermatool provides a complete range of equipment for the production of HSS used in the building of modern airports, stadiums and art museums

Power Generation Industry

Thermatool manufactures a complete line of spiral/longitudinal fin tube and boiler tube systems used throughout the Power Generation Industry in Heat Recovery Systems

Commercial, Residential & Marine Construction Industries

Thermatool provides systems and components for the manufacture of both hollow structural sections and engineered structural sections.

Fitness and Recreation Equipment

Thermatool provides equipment to produce tube for various sporting and recreation uses such as: golf club shafts, basketball goal posts and exercise equipment frames.

Green Technologies – Heating & Cooling

Thermatool equipment is used for producing enhanced copper tubing for AC compressors, copper solar fin tube and HF welded aluminum tube for Industrial heat exchangers.

Fencing Industry

Thermatool equipment is used extensively in the production of fence posting.

Recreational Marine Construction

Ornamental stainless steel tube, HF welded using Thermatool equipment.