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5 Reasons to Attend a LIVE Thermatool Webinar: Virtual Support, Knowledgeable Experts, Relevant Topics, Convenience and Cost Effective

Thermatool offers quick and easy to understand webinars from our esteemed industry experts. Webinars typically last thirty to forty-five minutes and include Q&A sessions to help our customers accelerate their knowledge about a variety of topics that are relevant and timely to the tube and pipe industry. Topics range from Safety to Products to Applications to Technology to Preventative Maintenance and much more.

Below is a list of our upcoming events.

A Path to a Better High Frequency (HF) Weld – Part 1Wednesday, February 8, 202311 AM ESTClosed
A Path to a Better High Frequency (HF) Weld – Part 2Wednesday, March 8, 202311 AM EST Closed
Energy Efficiency and HF WeldingWednesday, April 12, 202311 AM EST Closed
Precise Process Control Toward Automation in HF WeldingWednesday, November 15, 202311 AM EST Closed