SuperVizor™ Headset - Thermatool Corp.

SuperVizor™ Headset

An Augmented Reality Headset for Real-time Problem Solving

With the Thermatool© SuperVizor™ Headset, your team can be directly connected to a Thermatool service technician. Receive direct one on one technical support with our trained technicians on any issue requiring immediate attention – providing the fastest response to diagnostic and troubleshooting questions.

When your employee puts on the SuperVizor™ Headset, Thermatool experts will be able to see what your technician sees, and you will be able to see our service technician and interact with drawings and documents that we share with you to solve the problem quickly.

Features and Benefits

  • Direct contact with experienced Thermatool technicians for immediate assistance with troubleshooting and problem solving in real-time (Lock out tag out and other relevant safety procedures must be followed).
  • Immediate hands-free access to drawings and documentation – eliminating costly travel time and expenses.
  • Increase of in-plant maintenance team productivity as a result of enhanced communication through remote visual access to Thermatool service technicians.
  • Step by step guided support for your team through problem solving with virtual elements: augmented arrows and markups providing clear instruction and direction.

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