Savage Saw Material Handling - Thermatool Corp.

Material Handling

For every Savage Saw you purchase, engineered material handling equipment is also available upon sight review by Thermatool Corp.’s technical staff.


Thermatool Corp.

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Automatic Bar Loader

The load table consists of a fabricated frame that has inclined ramps to allow the bars to gravity roll to hard stops at the end of the table. At the end of the table there is a pneumatic cylinder actuated escapement to remove one bar at a time from the table to allow it to roll onto the saw feed conveyor. There is also a single point adjustment to allow single bar escapement.


Infeed Pusher

The rack and pinion precision pusher system functions by having the material rest on an idle roller and then a pusher infeed laser detects the lead end of a new bar for auto trim cut. Linear bearings for pusher come with auto lubrication. The Infeed pusher accuracy is +/- 0.010”. This system is powered with a servo motor for precise bar movement.


Outfeed Chain Driven Pusher

The outfeed roller conveyor is a chain driven roller conveyor that receives rounds and/or shapes from the Savage Saws and conveys the material to be dumped into the customer provided cradle for pick up. The rollers have a 12” effective width and are mounted to housed roller bearing.


Automatic Crop Reject Pusher

The automatic crop reject pusher has a hydraulic cylinder with linear guides that automatically pushes crop cuts into a customer provided bin after a cut is complete. This system is located at the exit of the saw and is integrated with the outfeed conveyor.