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A Path to a Better High Frequency Weld: Part 2

High frequency (HF) welding is a thermomechanical solid state joining process that relies on precise weld heat input for welding advanced and emerging ferrous and non-ferrous materials. A review of Weld Heat Input calculated for common welding processes is provided for context, as well as a model for mechanical forming and control of the strip edges being continuously welded.

So what is exactly weld heat input? Simply put, heat input is the amount of heat generated by the welding arc per unit length of the weld. Welding engineers soon realized that heat input could be used to characterize the strength and performance of the weld HAZ, as well as other characteristics such as width and height of the weld bead, hardness, distortion, toughness, residual stresses, etc. Today, weld heat input is used as the main control parameter in industries where weld quality is critical.

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