Spiral Fin Tube High Frequency Welders - Thermatool Corp.

Spiral Fin Tube HF Welders

Produce high quality Spiral Fin Tube efficiently with our Solid State Spiral Fin Tube Welders.

Achieve these excellent benefits with a Spiral Fin Tube Welder:

  • Smoother output and improved weld quality
  • Weld more alloys more efficiently
  • Run higher RPM’s at lower kilowatt voltage
  • Less arcing and sparking with improved contact life
  • Use less power and water
  • Improved safety and less floor space
  • Reduction in scrap

Thermatool Corp.

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  • Power Efficiency. Increased output efficiency, resulting in power cost savings
  • Reliable. Elimination of expensive finite life components such as the vacuum tube, RF output transformer and tank capacitors adds to increased reliability and up-time, and a significant reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Improve DC Ripple. Smoother output wave shape compared to to a vacuum tube welder. Less welder spatter and forge tooling wear.
  • Safety. Solid State welders operate at much lower voltages than vacuum tube units – not exceeding 1200 volts at full power assuring added safety operators and maintenance personnel.
  • Floor Space. Solid State welders are extremely compact, occupying minimal space. The power supply can be placed up to 1,000 feet away from the mill.
  • Improved contact wear. Due to less arcing.
  • Reduction in scrap. Due to improved automatic Speed Power Control, reducing unwelded fin areas when stopping and starting.

Tech Specs

HF Generator CF 200 CFS 300
Output power rating 200KW to Calorimetric Load 300KW to Calorimetric Load
Welding Frequency 400KHz Normal
Ripple <1%
Efficiency 80% Efficient from Line to Load
Description 4 Pairs of MOS FET Power Modules in RF 12 Enclosure 6 Pairs of MOS FET Power Modules in RF 12 Enclosure
Size 662 x 2199 x 1045 (mm) | 26 x 87 x 41 (inch) 662 x 2199 x 1045 (mm) | 26 x 87 x 41 (inch)
DC Power Supply and Control Cabinet
Input Power 300 KVA at 0.88 Power Factor at Full Power Output 440 KVA at 0.88 Power Factor at Full Power Output
Input Voltage 480 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 3 Phase, +6% Line Variation,
Others Available
PLC Type Allen Bradley SLC 500 Standard, Other Available
Description PS 2  Enclosure with Internal Power Line Transformer
Size 2275 x 880 x 2000 (mm) | 90 x 25 x 79 (inch)
Cooling System
Raw Water Input 181.0 Litres per min (48 Usgpm) at 30 C (86 F) 211.7 Litres per min (56 Usgpm) at 30 C (86 F)
Raw Water Pressure 3.4 Bar (50 psi)
Closed Loop Water type Demineralized, deionized water, pH 7.5-8.5
Conductivity below 50 micro-Siemens/cm Conductivity below 60 micro-Siemens/cm
Closed Loop Temperature 34 C (95 F) Exit Temperature
45 C (113 F) Inlet Temperature Max
Temperature Regulator Primary water circuit flow regulating valve