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No Wasted Time

Thermatool® is the world leader in delivering solutions with proven performance dedicated to the tube and pipe industry. We offer a wealth of solutions tailored to mill builders and tube and pipe producers from all over the globe. Our product range includes state-of-the-art High Frequency Welders that consistently produce the best welds in the industry on any tube or pipe mill – providing efficient and effective welding for a variety of applications. Our Full Body and Seam Annealers offer our customers peace of mind by heat treating the tube or pipe to provide maximum strength. With our SmartAnneal™ software you can expect only the highest quality finish – a major benefit to customers producing API® products. Our PrecisionSlot™ Quench yields optimized hardness and often eliminates post-processing requirements for straightness and ovality control. The use of SmartHeat™ temperature control is used to achieve optimal hardening and tempering results all while promoting recipe creation and recall for repeatable process setups, control and results. Lastly, our Alpha® High-Speed Flying Shears offer tube and pipe producers the world’s fastest and most accurate cut-off equipment with high cut-to-length accuracy!

Whether it’s HF Welding, Heat Treating, Quench and Tempering, or Shearing – Thermatool® has the solution.

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